Moo Moo in a Tutu

In the classic tradition of George and Martha, Elephant and Piggie, and Frog and Toad comes Moo Moo and Mr. Quackers in their debut, Moo Moo in a Tutu (Balzer + Bray).


A cow who wants to be a ballerina? Are you for real? This is a hilarious, one-of-a-kind friendship story between an adventurous cow and a very loyal duck that will have you quacking up all the way through and applauding for more. 


Praise for Moo Moo in a Tutu:


“The most inspiring book about a tutu I’ve ever read. The cow and duck are a nice touch too!” – Moo Moo


“A sublimely silly read-aloud for storytime and small group sharing.” 

School Library Journal


“The uncomplicated cartoon-style illustrations and minimal text—just the duo’s dialogue

placed neatly in bubbles—make the humor accessible to a wide range.” —Booklist


“Moo Moo in a Tutu reaches unparalleled heights, the likes of which the ballet world

has never seen before, nor will want to again, for that matter!” – Mr. Quackers


“With its humor that will appeal to children and adults, this book had me laughing out loud. Sign me up for any adventures these two friends get into next!” —Clarissa Hadge, Trident Books Cafe


“Wonderful fun and absolutely perfect for fans of Elephant and Piggie.”—Katherine Megna-Weber, Books Inc Laurel Village


"Miller's comedic timing is excellent, and the interplay between the text and the images

will lead to many a giggle." —Rachel Bellavia, Read Between the Lynes


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Snappsy the Alligator Did Not Ask to Be In This Book

Written by Julie FalatkoSnappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) will be published by Viking Children’s on February 2, 2016. Snappsy is an alligator whose ordinary day is interrupted by a meddling narrator who insists Snappsy is looking for innocent forest creatures to devour and is obsessed with food that starts with the letter P.


“This is the first book for both Falatko and Miller, and it’s an excellent one—Falatko’s writing nimbly zigs and zags around Miller’s bold, goofy cartoons.” –★Publisher's Weekly 

“More than merely meta, Snappsy is clearly a book, if not a protagonist, with bite.” – ★Kirkus

“Falatko’s debut picture book is a truly laugh-out-loud, mischievous romp, made gleefully goofier by Miller’s straitlaced, deadpan animal characters." -★Booklist 

"Over documented youngsters may feel some sympathy for Snappsy, and audiences in general will giggle at his battle with the overexcited narrator." -★The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 

“This is the picture-book debut for Tim Miller, whose cartoon illustrations channel James Marshall in fresh and exciting ways, and whose deadpan humor is spot-on—especially the moments where Snappsy stares incredulously at us or the out-of-control narrator’s disembodied voice.” – BookPage

“Miller's cartoonish illustrations in plums and greens, often in comic strip-style panels, are silly, inviting and bursting with funny details such as the "No Narrators Allowed!" sign on Snappsy's front door.” - Shelf-Awareness

“The story’s meta aspect, the alligator’s rib-tickling, madder-by-the-minute agitation, and the simple primary-color-avoidant illustrations outlined in black may all owe a debt to Mo Willems—but it’s still a pretty terrific book. It’s distinguished by Falatko’s ability to sustain the tension at length; by Miller’s savory palette, largely in underripe greens and purples; and by the unvoiced suggestion that when fiction is working well, a character can take on a life or his or her own.” - The Horn Book   

“A silly, clever introduction to the idea of the unreliable narrator.” – Boston Globe

"A charming irreverent tale for independent-minded tots." - People Magazine  

"This clever debut will renew faith in the possibilities of fourth-wall breaking." - The New York Times


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Hamstersaurus Rex

Hamster-Saurus Rex is a young middle-grade series written by Tom O'Donnell, about a quirky class pet that undergoes a transformation and helps defend a loyal sixth-grader from a werewolf-obsessed bully. 


'A certain pleaser where furry fictions are well-loved.' - Kirkus


'Adult and kids alike will find that O'Donnell's deadpan, mildly absurdist writing style will generate some satisfying laughs.' - School Library Journal


'Miller's zippy b&W cartoons are well-matched to the book's offbeat sense of humor.' - Publisher's Weekly




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Written by Mark Riddle, Margarash is about a friendship between a young boy and a seemingly-nasty monster who realize they need each other. 


'It reads like a modern-day fairy tale though it has the feeling of age about it: children confronting and outsmarting monsters - and the best part - befriending monsters.' -Youth Services Book Review


'It’s a story with the feel of a modern-day fairy tale or urban legend, one that suggests that compassion and common ground can go a long way toward making friends out of would-be enemies.' - Publishers's Weekly


'A sweet tale of a mutual passion and an unlikely friendship.' - Kirkus 


'In goofy and dramatic pictures, Tim Miller captures the descent into this land of a young coin-fancier named Collin, his tussles with the toothy monster, and the odd fellowship that develops between them.' - The Wall Street Journal


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