Horse is just an oversized dog with funny paws... And Dog? Just a tiny baby horse with a weird tail. That's what Horse thinks, anyway. Elliot Kalan and Tim Miller team up in this comedy of mistaken species identity. Fall 2018, BALZER+BRAY.


"Miller (Moo Moo in a Tutu), essentially charged with chronicling a comedy sketch, embraces the challenge by drawing Horse as a preening ovoid with stick legs and fabulous hair, and Dog as a belligerent series of sharp angles. He equips both with a repertoire of opera buffa gestures and expressions (utter disdain! indignation!) to great effect." 



"A wonderful read! You'll never look at horse or dogs the same way again!" -JON STEWART, former host of The Daily Show.


"Horse Meets Dog is a sweet, wise, and genuinely ha-ha funny exploration not just of horse-dog relations (historically strained) but also of friendship and difference." -JOHN HODGMAN, author of Vacationland


"Horse meets Dog! Kalan meets Miller! Two great teams-one SO-DARN-FUNNY book! Go get it!" -LAURIE KELLER, author-illustrator of Arnie the Doughnut