Written by Mark Riddle, Margarash is about a friendship between a young boy and a seemingly-nasty monster who realize they need each other. 


'It reads like a modern-day fairy tale though it has the feeling of age about it: children confronting and outsmarting monsters - and the best part - befriending monsters.' -Youth Services Book Review


'It’s a story with the feel of a modern-day fairy tale or urban legend, one that suggests that compassion and common ground can go a long way toward making friends out of would-be enemies.' - Publishers's Weekly


'A sweet tale of a mutual passion and an unlikely friendship.' - Kirkus 


'In goofy and dramatic pictures, Tim Miller captures the descent into this land of a young coin-fancier named Collin, his tussles with the toothy monster, and the odd fellowship that develops between them.' - The Wall Street Journal