Izzy looks.

Izzy sees.

Izzy is inspired . . .


Izzy paints!

Dive into imagination with this joyful celebration of art and creativity.


★ Kids inspired by Izzy can pick up their own art supplies and make something similar, and the wry humor playing between text and art is a bonus for clever viewers and adults who read to them. - The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 


A charming stroll through the imagination and a testament to the joys of creativity. - Kirkus


Rhythmic, declarative sentences and stripped-down characterizations and settings let the creative process and its rewards shine—and, via the artist’s spattering, splattering hues, bring new meaning to the term “flying colors.” - Publisher's Weekly


Simple text, a long with a few challenging artistic vocabulary words (jade, indigo, magenta, teal) will appeal to readers. The idea that art "speaks" to viewers and makes them feel is introduced in an engaging manner. - Booklist