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17. February 2016
Author Julie Falatko, editor Joanna Cardenas, and I visit Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and talk with Julie Danielson about a certain alligator that goes by the name of Snappsy. *Warning: checking out this post may be intellectually satisfying!
27. January 2016
A sampling of drawing tidbits that I drew with ink and watercolor and then pieced together on computer to create the finished art for Snappsy the Alligator.
25. January 2016
24. January 2016
A ‪#‎topsecret‬ ‪#‎peek‬ at the ‪#‎firstdraft‬ of ‪#‎storyboards‬ for ‪#‎Snappsy‬...
02. February 2015
That time when Snappsy challenged George Washington to a staring contest during the signing of the Declaration of Independence...
29. January 2015
With final art deadlines looming, Snappsy took a day off to visit the beach...
21. November 2014
That's right, it's Ferocious Frog Friday! Watch your backs people!
18. November 2014
16. November 2014
Ingredients: 1 Jurassic Park Lost World Remote Control pilfered from my neighbor's trash 1 cork from complimentary bottle of champange from Tom Finklepearl ex-Director of Queens Museum Gorilla glue Gesso Acrylic Paint Steps: 1. Deep Freeze remote in freezer for 2 years to kill any potential bed bugs or other contaminants. 2. Use Gorilla Glue to adhere cork to remote in desired location for snout (preferably between eyes somewhere). 3. Cover whole thing in layer of gesso or white paint. 4. Mix...
20. February 2014
A freind on the wall above my work table accompanied by various notes and reminders.

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