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20. March 2017
A big thank you to Stories Bookshop + Storytelling Lab for inviting me to share Margarash (Enchanted Lion) for story time this past Sunday. It was my first visit to this gem of a store, and we had great crowd join in the fun.
02. December 2016
A big thank you to the Meghan Cox Gurdon for this wonderful review of Margarash in the Wall Street Journal!
04. November 2016
A behind the scenes look from start to finish of the various stages of development I went through in figuring out the illustrations for Mark Riddle's Margarash published by Enchanted Lion. The journey was anything but easy because it took a long time to settle on exactly what I wanted the look to be. In trying to come up with an answer I pushed around all the different possibilities I could think of. What eluded me was something that really got both to the heart of the characters, while also...
24. September 2016
My sincere thanks to the Youth Services Book Review for giving Margarash a starred review!
17. September 2016
Hot off the presses! #Margarash available 11/2016 from Enchanted Lion Books!
12. May 2016
I'm excited to share a peek at a spread from my next picture book Margarash, written by Mark Riddle coming this fall from Enchanted Lion!