Hosting Snappsy's Party from Start to Finish

One of my favorite scenes to draw in Julie Falatko's Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) is when Snappsy throws a party. I drew my first sketch directly on the manuscript to make note of the first idea that came to mind when I read it.

Next, I used that rough thumbnail as a starting point to fill out the scene a little more, giving a better sense of space & atmosphere.

Then, I began to tighten up the drawing to see things more clearly making some edits here and there to tweak the overall composition.

I went back at it again with minor adjustments after sharing my roughs with my Art Director Denise Cronin and Editor Joanna Cardenas. The donkey by the door was reading too much like Snappsy (which I knew they were going to say but I really like drawing him), so they asked me to turn it into a different character which is how the weird dog poodle thing came to be. I was also still working out the final look for Snappsy so you can see him changing here too.

Then it came time to figure out the colors, so I did a rough color sketch.  It took me awhile to figure out what color would be good for the interior of Snappsy's house.  I needed something that complimented his green without overpowering him.  From there, I tried to settle on a festive palette of party hats, balloons, and streamers that popped but also balanced with rest.

For the finish, first I redrew everything in separate peieces with brush and ink and added watercolor to the drawings. Then, I scanned everything in and pieced it together on the computer adjusting all the colors digitally.

And finally two minutes before everything needed to go to the printer, things landed here.

Speaking of parties, please  join Julie Falatko and I at Books of Wonder on Saturday Feb. 6 from 1-3pm to celebrate the launch of Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book)!  There will be a Snappsy photo booth, free swag, and delicious party treats. Julie and Tim will even preform a live reading of the book followed by a book signing. Did I forget to mention that party hats will be handed out at the door?  Mark your calendars people! I look hope to see you there!